Thursday, September 30, 2010

Calling all Travel Professionals!

Hello everybody,

Every now and then I need to share something that is not directly related to me rummaging around the continent. At this moment we are looking to find a couple of enthusiastic travel professionals to join our ranks in our Buenos Aires headquarters. If you have extensive experience in the travel industry, know the continent of South America and are either already living in Buenos Aires or considering moving here, please have a look at:

Thanks in advance for forwarding this message to anyone you think might be interested!

Best regards,


Malta Yacht Charters said...

Hey that is awesome I am really very impressed for your post. Thank you very much for sharing this. Great Job keep it up,!!!

Surtrek said...

Hi Bart,

You are right, I am tatally agree with you.

Sinta Rahmi said...

Great blog Bart but I see you don't publish any post this year.
Brazil is the country I am dreaming of to visit.
I will stumble upon your blog and will join you on FB.

Happy Blogging !

Orlandoescape said...

Great travel blog sounds like a great book since I love to travel and love food I will add to my list.

Cheers and keep up with the great blogging.